Plano, TX

Why Choose Atrium Legal Group?

Our experienced and qualified attorneys, located in Plano, understand what it takes to build quality relationships–Active Listening. For any attorney to take care of your legal needs, they must first understand your specific situation, goals, and financial means. So, when you walk into the Atrium Legal Group’s office, you will meet with an attorney who wants to know you and who wants to help.

Atrium Legal Group’s lawyers provide our respected clients with a variety of legal services in Plano, including Probate Law, Business Formation, and Estate Planning. Whether you have a simple probate matter or a complex estate plan, our team is ready to help with your legal needs.

ESTATE PLANNING goes beyond yourself; it helps ensure your family is set for the future. With a detailed estate plan, your loved ones can be prepared when you are no longer there to provide for them. Creating an estate plan may feel daunting and overwhelming. Our attorneys listen to your concerns and questions and will carry the burden of creating your estate plan. Often, people don’t understand how the wording and language used in a Will can be interpreted based on the Court. A well-written, precise Will allows for less court involvement and lower costs. Our Plano Estate Planning and Probate lawyers have decades of experience creating various estate plans, and they understand the precise phrasing needed to decrease problems often arise in the Probate Courts.

PROBATE is the process of you settling an estate. Our professional probate attorneys in the Plano area are here to help you through the entire process. The law requires specific steps, timing and fees throughout the Probate process and all of the Court’s “to-dos” can be daunting. Our years of legal expertise allow our team to efficiently guide you through the complete probate process in a timely manner. Avoid legal challenges and save potential court costs by hiring our Plano probate attorneys. From identifying estate assets and making the final distribution to beneficiaries; to preparing all necessary probate documents and satisfying debts, our experienced attorneys are ready to help with all of your Probate matters.

If you’re starting a new company, having a qualified attorney for your Business Formation is important to prevent possible legal issues down the road specifically, when establishing an LLC, LLP, Corporation, and/or Series LLCs. At Atrium Legal Group, we have an elite group of experienced business lawyers in Plano who will help to establish your business built on a strong foundation.  We’ll take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals.

Our team of probate lawyers, estate planning attorneys, and business formation lawyers in Plano are ready to come alongside you and give you peace of mind with your legal affairs. Contact Atrium Legal Group at 469-402-3030 today to schedule your consultation.